Hello we are Pol Casassas, Biel Roca and Ernest Ceballos and we are three students from Osona, Catalonia. We are studying 4th of ESO in Institut de Gurb. Osona is situated in the center of Catalonia, the northeast of Spain.

In this webside you can find the evolucion of industrial landscape in Osona. We have dedicated a lot of time in this project and we hope you like it a lot and we also hope that this project can help you.

We are the students of Gurb, we are in the 4th year of ESO. We did a project to look at the differences between past and present of the industry of our city. This work is aimed at people who are interested in the history of their municipality and how it can be in the future.

The Osona region has changed a lot over the years, especially industrial landscapes. In this work we will present the differences between before and after of Vic and Gurb, and, through the results, we will try to deduct what the landscape of the region will be in a few years.

To begin, we made some hypothesis. We thought that, in the past, there were not even cars, or so many factories. We also thought that the urban nucleus were much smaller and that many people lived in farmhouses. We think that the majority of the surface of the region was covered by fields and that the few factories were made of bricks and they did not have windows. As for the future, our hypothesis is: in the future there will be few fields and many factories, almost all of the landscape will be urban and dominated by renewable energy, and all transport will be renewable.

To  check our hipotesis, we divided in groups, each group was in charge of looking for different things.  The sections were: maps, photos, interviews, timeline and news. The groups of the photos and the maps looked for copies, they search it in archives and books of the past and present to make the comparison to think how the future could be. The group of the interview, they interview people who have long been in the workplace and can compare their work when they started and how it is now. The group of the timeline looked for news and important facts of the last two hundred years to put them in a timeline. To finish, the news group, they were in charge of look in the old most important newspaper and their images